fountain burger

peninsula creamery, high st & channing ave, palo alto

The Peninsula Creamery was my favorite restaurant when I was growing up, and is more or less solely responsible for my love of diners. While these days their 50's throwback style seems overly kitschy to me, I fully bought into it when I was a child and used to love staring at their posters, one avertising "green river", another depicting cows making donuts. Although they no longer serve my favorite milkshake (marble fudge ripple), I still enjoy eating at the Creamery with my family on special occasions. My longstanding favorite at the Creamery is grilled ham and cheese, but this time I went with the "Fountain Burger", which is like a patty melt. Served on toasted rye, the burger comes topped with melted swiss cheese, grilled onions, bacon, and dijon mustard. I think that this particular example had less dijon on it than it normally does, or that perhaps the dijon used to be served on the side? I cannot recall. But it tasted great, of course, and the fries were good too. And the milkshake, while not "marble fudge ripple" good, was great as well.


  1. I love a good patty melt & this sounds like a GREAT expanded version. Anything with bacon on it is nummy by default.

  2. what kind of milkshake did you get?

  3. ha ha I was trying to remember that, to be honest. I actually had this sandwich nearly two months ago. I think my brother and I split a chocolate chip shake.