rosemary ham & sharp provolone

As I mentioned in my last post, I've recently been buying products at the grocery store that I've never tried or wouldn't usually get. But the items in this sandwich- rosemary ham and sharp provolone cheese- put an end to that practice, at least for a little while. The rosemary ham was interesting to me- I wasn't really sure what to expect from it. But it was good, and I realized eating it that rosemary must be one of the main ingredients in the herbed turkey breast that you can get at a lot of delis. The sharp provolone on the other hand.... I was not prepared for. When I saw it in the store, it struck me as odd, because I didn't really consider provolone to be a very sharp tasting cheese and wondered what a sharp version of provolone would taste like. In retrospect, it seems obvious- it tasted like a really, really strongly flavored provolone. It was fairly pungent too. I've always loved cheese, and keep falling into the logical fallacy of "I like this flavor -> sharp means more flavor -> the sharp cheese must taste even better!". As I age, I'm starting to appreciate the value of subtlety a little more. I wish I had that frame of mind before making this sandwich, because the result was an intense flavor explosion that baffled my mouth. Each bite was an attack on my senses, leaving me reeling and wary of the next bite. Its good trying new flavors and all, but I think I over-did the experimentation on this one.

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